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Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are always in style. These natural stone surfaces are luxurious, durable, stain-resistant and timeless. As big fans of granite, we love its natural beauty that takes thousands of years to take shape. If you’re looking to evolve your home, then allow Wood Kitchen and Bath LLC. to show you the stone yard before installing a unique granite countertop.

Luxurious Granite for Your Dream Home

Since 1989, Todd Wood has gained vast experience working on granite countertop installations for residents in The Villages, Citrus Hills, Black Diamond and throughout all of Sumter and Citrus County, FL. With an outstanding client referral rate based on our goal of 100% customer satisfaction. It’s no wonder homeowners choose Wood Kitchen and Bath, LLC to help make the right choice in their granite countertop selection needs.

luxury granite countertops

Granite Countertops

granite countertop styles

Choose Your Own Granite Stone

We have a wide range of gorgeous, premium granite countertops that are in-stock and ready for installation. From glittering blacks to luminous pearls and earthy reds, we’ll help you find a style that fits your home and taste. Granite comes from all over the globe with various finishing options: 

  • Brushed
  • Flamed
  • Honed
  • Polished
  • Tumbled
granite kitchen

Make Your Cooking Experience Easier

Granite countertops can make cooking far easier and expand the usable countertop space you have. They don’t chip, crack with heat, absorb liquids or show signs of wear and tear. That means you can put hot pans down, spill sauces and even use knives without the fear of damaging the countertop. 

granite countertop investment

Long Term Investment

Installing granite countertops is one of the best investments you can make for your home. The average granite countertop should look like new for at least 30 years, with little to no need for maintenance. While your neighbor might be replacing their wood or laminate counters multiple times, your granite countertop won’t show a scratch. 

granite countertop investment

Boost the Value of Your Home

Granite countertops make homes sell. They can be the difference between thousands of dollars and whether a sale is made or not. Put it this way – if a potential buyer walks into the kitchen and sees long-lasting granite counters, they’ll immediately be feeling elegance and value. The return on investment is often over 100%.

Make a Free Appointment with Todd to Discuss Your Granite Countertop Project

At Wood Kitchen and Bath LLC., it’s our priority to provide excellent service from start to finish. That’s why we offer all customers a free appointment to share their visions. We’ll help you choose the perfect stone from a vast selection of beautiful colors and patterns. We’ll also create a digital mockup of how the granite will transform your home. Tod Wood has over 30 years of experience helping homeowners remove the stress of home remodeling. You can rest assured his technical expertise will shine through. 

Ready for granite countertops in The Villages, Citrus Hills and Black Diamond? Call us at (352) 566-3210 to schedule a free in-home estimate! 


Five Star Reviews From Our Happy Clients

Wood Kitchen and BathAfter a flood in my home I had to replace my kitchen. I am so thankful that I chose Todd Wood as my contractor. I call him a contractor because he does FAR more that just sell cabinets.He took me down to Orlando to the granite warehouses to view vast choices of spectacular granite in all price ranges. After my choice he arranged for perhaps the best granite cutters around to do my counter tops. When those tops arrived at my home, so did Todd and he stayed all day as I was out of town. He would keep me updated throughout the day. Each counter is cut without seams. It is stunning work.The cabinets that I chose and the design Todd created work perfectly. Todd is a master kitchen designer as he has been in the business most of his life. He is patient and certainly willing to go the extra mile to make sure the project is to the customer’s liking.When the big box DIY store where I bought all of my new appliances could not recommend or find me someone who could convert my new gas stove to propane Todd took it upon himself to do just that. More than once he’d stop by to see how construction was progressing. He is truly a caring contractor. My new kitchen is a show piece due to Todd’s expertise and dedication to creating a business far beyond just a mere salesman of cabinets.I would recommend Todd to more
Elizabeth King
19:25 08 Apr 19
Todd Wood with Wood Kitchen and Bath designed and installed the kitchen you see in the attached photos. The final project is beautiful and the project itself turned out to be a great experience due primarily to Todd’s patience, design skills, knowledge, communication and commitment to his customer’s satisfaction. Our previous kitchen was destroyed due to a water leak and subsequent flood. Todd spent many hours with us determining our needs and creating updates and modernization to the new design that far exceeded our expectations. Our project finished on time and within budget. I would use Wood Kitchen and Bath in my future home renovations without any hesitation. Needless to say, I highly recommend the services that Todd and Wood Kitchen and Bath, LLC can provide to any homeowners looking to build new or remodel their home. The transformation to our kitchen was incredible! Check out Wood Kitchen and Bath, LLC at their beautiful showroom in Inverness, Fl. Todd will not more
Joe Menard
17:18 28 Dec 18
We purchased a home that was under construction and needed the interior finished. I searched Home Advisor and found Wood Kitchen and Bath. Todd communicated with us every step of the way and gave us great advice as well. I prefer communicating through text or email with questions, and Todd is very prompt in responding, no matter what day it is. Our initial consultation/design ended up being our "Dream Kitchen" and more than we could afford. Todd was great at suggesting and redesigning our kitchen to get the numbers down into our budget. We love our kitchen and cannot wait to move in and use more
Kim Enloe
14:36 20 Dec 18

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